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Baltic Bulldog Veteran Winner 2014 (02-08-2014) Lithuania

Naglis Zegunis paskelbė 2014-08-09 06:51   [ atnaujinta 2014-08-11 08:29 ]
judge: Mrs. Anne van den Heuvel-Cowan (Beefeater Bulls) 
Sisters/veterans at the age 8,5years.
Doolally Cheila Gamtos Išdaiga (Baltic Bulldog Veteran Winner 2014 !!!!) & Danger Beautiful Lady Gamtos Išdaiga (Congrats owner:Lee Reinula EST )
more results: intermediate class(male) Sancho Pancho Gamtos Isdaiga- exs 2 (owner: Jelena Malisa LV)
My female: intermediate class: Fantastik Dog Diva Divinga - exs 3
females: open clas: Petite Pea Gamtos Isdaiga- exs-3  (owner: Lee Reinula EST)     
Penelope Gamtos Isdaiga - exs-4    (owner:Kim Christensen DK)
Champion class: Leopoldina Gamtos Isdaiga -exs  4  (owner:Riitta Liusvaara FI)
breeder competition "Gamtos Isdaiga" 2 place

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